The Day Brazil Came to Yorkshire: Francine & Harry’s Denton Hall Wedding

17th April 2014
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Denton Hall Yorkshire Wedding Photography by Richard Wynn-Davies-33What comes to mind when you imagine a country Yorkshire Wedding on the first day of Spring at Denton Hall? Daffodils, baby lambs and very unreliable weather would be among most people’s thoughts – and we had all of that (especially the weather). However…..we also had a tiny part of Brazil complete with Brazilian wedding traditions, speeches in Portuguese and plenty of colourful Samba party action. We absolutely loved it!

We met Francine & Harry about a year ago. Francine had moved to London a number of years ago – initially for a 6 month stay…..but that soon changed when she met a boy from Holmfirth called Harry! They both now live and work in London – Francine as a freshly qualified architect and Harry…..well what that man doesn’t know about street maps isn’t worth knowing. We spent a lovely sunny Winter’s day with them in London in January on their pre-wedding shoot – taking in some of the sights (and crowds) of the South Bank on a Saturday.

Now unfortunately the Brazilian contingent, despite their best efforts, failed to bring along the South American weather and instead we were subjected to plenty of Ilkley Spring rain. They did bring plenty of sunshine and colour in other ways though. So let’s get cracking with some of the highlights, starting with the morning preparations of both parties…

A bit of Portuguese pronunciation practice for the speeches!

Thankfully the rain didn’t set in until after everyone had arrived at the beautiful little church in Denton for what was a really lovely ceremony. It was then umbrellas at the ready for the dash back to Denton Hall for the reception, canapes, plenty of hugs, kisses and laughter and…of course….a few photos.


We don’t usually include photos of the receiving line in the blog post – but this one was just lovely, made all the more so by all the hand gestures used to overcome the language barriers! As always, the wedding breakfast room at Denton Hall looked stunning, decorated with the utmost care and attention to detail. All the flowers for the day were put together by the brilliant team at Leafy Couture. The linguistic complications also added wonderfully to the speeches. Francine’s father delivered his speech in Portuguese with her sister translating into English. Harry gave his groom’s speech in English AND Portuguese (impressive!) and the best man also had a translator on hand. It all made for great fun.

During the wedding breakfast the kids had been busy in the creche making their own masks for the evening’s Samba party……super cute.


So….all that remained was for the evening Reception to get underway. Hang on though, this was no normal evening Reception. Francine and Harry had bussed an ENTIRE Samba band plus dancers up from London to add a very special touch to the end of the day. All we need say is that our ears were still buzzing from the immense noice of the drums two days later! Just a fantastic end to such a lovely wedding. We loved getting to know Francine and Harry and really enjoyed their special day. Here’s wishing them every happiness for their future together.

R&C xx


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  1. Sou Brasileira, Tia da Francine estive no casamento e estou achando o seu trabalho como fotógrafo maravilhoso!
    Continue postando!!!

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