Planes, Automobiles, Six Dogs and a Wedding at Yorkshire Air Museum: Ellie & Adam

22nd October 2013
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It’s always said that no matter how far and wide you travel, you often never get around to visiting those attractions that are almost on your doorstep. We’d seen the signs for the Yorkshire Air Museum as we drove around on our daily business and , more recently seen some coverage on the TV as part of the events celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters raid during the Second World War. As fate would have it, around the same time we met Ellie, Adam and Ellie’s parents at The Pavilions of Harrogate Wedding Show. It turns out Ellie’s family are major sponsors of the museum and have a long-standing relationship with them. Ellie & Adam had decided they would like to get married there and as a result Yorkshire Air Museum successfully applied for their first ever marriage licence. We were thrilled to be asked to be part of this very special event and to be given the responsibility of capturing the day on camera.

Since we were booked for the wedding we have become big fans of the museum. Ellie’s parents kindly gave us an initial tour and we couldn’t believe we hadn’t been there before. In fact, in a subsequent conversation with my grandfather, I found out he had briefly been there during the war when he was in the Paratroop regiment. The museum is based all around the airfield with exhibits housed in the original hangers and outbuildings. The atmosphere is wonderful with 1940s wartime music playing on the PA and the collection of aircraft, even for someone with a very limited knowledge, is seriously impressive!

So – onto the wedding day itself. I joined Ellie, family & bridesmaids in Elvington, York while Caroline met up with the boys not too far away. Adam had never visited the museum himself and had purposely stayed away so as to make it a complete surprise for the wedding day. He was in for a real treat! As were we when we saw that Ellie and Adam had organised white & black Mustangs respectively to take them to their wedding ceremony…how cool is that?

This was a wedding of firsts. The first wedding at the Air Museum, the first wedding for us surrounded by vintage aircraft and the first wedding we had seen to feature six dogs (yes, six). Ellie runs her own pet grooming business and the couple have four of their own dogs who, joined by two others, arrived at the Air Museum immaculately groomed and dressed in wedding accessories. Cute does not cover it. We then had the spectacle of all six dogs joining the bridesmaids walking down the aisle, closely followed by Ellie and her Dad. It was sweet, hilarious and actually pretty noisy! There was a large civil ceremony followed by a more intimate blessing in the museum chapel before Ellie & adam were whisked away for a blast around the local countryside in one of the Mustangs. When they came back it was time to head off for some bride and groom photos (featuring the odd aircraft or two!).

You can probably guess from the photos what an outgoing, popular and fun couple Ellie and Adam are. There were a lot of guests who wanted to wish them the very best and for so many people a receiving line was in order. We’re not huge fans of receiving lines to be honest – simply because of the time they take and the limited amount of photographic content they provide. This one though, in fitting with the rest of the day, was different. There were fits of laughter, plenty of tears and some serious bear hugs. One particular favourite moment – watch out for Adam spilling half a pint of lager down the back of one guest’s beautiful dress…….oops. The speeches followed the same theme before the party really got started. A special mention for the most amazing band we have seen for a long time. Brilliant guys, fantastic, entertaining musicians and a superb selection of songs – The Rebel Sounds.


The final part of the wedding was as lively, funny & entertaining as the rest of the day had been. The guests were not shy in getting up and shaking their stuff to the Rebel Sounds. It had been the most amazing wedding and certainly well up there in our favourites of 2013. We’re thrilled to have been involved. We wish Ellie & Adam every happiness¬† and Yorkshire Air Museum every success in funding their brilliant work with future weddings.


Love, R&C xx

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