A Rise Hall Wedding with a Narnian Twist: Jamey & Ben

2nd October 2013
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When Jamey first told us that their 1st September wedding at Rise Hall was going to be Narnia-themed, in a salute to their favourite book, I must confess to scratching my head. Narnia? As in wardbrobe, ice, snow? In September? I was clearly underestimating Ben’s creative skills! Jamey and Ben are a lovely couple who have been together for many years and they are brilliant parents to their beautiful little boy, Leo. They finally decided to tie the knot and chose Sarah Beeny’s Rise Hall as their stunning venue. We have got to know them both really well over the last few months, from their engagement shoot in York centre to wedding chat over tea and trainsets at their house in Driffield (trainsets for the boys, not us…..obviously), and we have become firm friends – and we were very much looking forward to seeing them get married! They also did us a big favour by letting us bring along Emma from Story of Your Day to film us in action as part of our new “about us” film for the website which you can see here.

The morning of the wedding saw Jamey and her bridesmaids getting ready in the Millenium bedroom at Rise Hall while Ben and the guys arrived slightly later for final preparations and some photos.

Wedding ceremomies are always emotional, but nothing gets the eyes watering and the lips bitten quite as much as the child of a couple doing a reading. It’s hard to describe how very moving it was to see Leo, big and brave, step up and deliver a brilliantly read and moving piece of prose. How Jamey and Ben held it together we will never know. Even the Registrar was struggling to compose herself. What a little star.

One beautiful flower girl….

And so to the Narnia theme. Let’s start with the confetti shall we? The idea was to create a snow-effect with the confetti. So they bought some white confetti, right? Or some fake snow balls? No. They meticulously cut snowflakes out of C.S. Lewis Narnia books. We told you….!

And then there was the wedding breakfast room. You had to walk through a giant, handmade wardrobe (including fur coats) to get into the room and once in there you were greeted with the sight of the famous lamp post (where Lucy first meets Mr Tumnus), pine trees and snow. Amazing!

After some lovely speeches we left Jamey, Ben and guests to their wedding breakfast (which we also sampled in a nearby room – delicious!). We then had time for a few more cheeky bride and groom photos (and some table football!) before it was time for the evening party to get underway with the first dance.

Rise Hall is definitely climbing its way quickly up our “most amazing venues” list and when paired with a couple such as Jamey and Ben and their super-friendly families, it’s a pretty special place to be. Love and congratulations to two very special people.

R&C xx


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