A Wonderful Summer Wood Hall Wedding: Kay & Steve

30th July 2013
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There are those long, hot Summer days that just seem to go on for ever and that usually end in an evening of sitting outide, drinking, chatting and laughing. Kay & Steve’s wedding at Wood Hall near Wetherby was one of these days. The most perfect weather for a wedding you could imagine and a perfect location in which to enjoy it. From start to end it was a wonderful, sunny, happy day and we so enjoyed it.

Kay & Steve are one of the most fun couples we have had the pleasure to work with and photographing them is an absolute joy (as well as a great laugh!). Our first experience of this was their pre-wedding shoot on a beautiful, crisp early February day in Robin Hood’s Bay. You can see our blog post from that shoot here.

On the morning of the wedding Kay was getting ready at Wood Hall along with her two sisters/bridesmaids, and what a hilarious morning it was. The girls decided that the best way to get rid of pre-wedding nerves was to laugh…..a lot! Watch out for the spontaneous game of “wedding-meerkats” and some serious bed-hopping. Meanwhile, far more sedately, Caroline was with the boys getting kilted up. Steve arrived in style in Kay’s Dad’s beautiful red jag with plenty of time to pose for some very cool groom photos.


Kay looked absolutely amazing and Dad struggled to keep himself in check when he saw her on the staircase. The ceremony was very touching and full of tears and laughter, followed by a serious noise from the guests as Kay & Steve were announced husband and wife. It was then straight out into the beautiful Summer afternoon for some sun-kissed, romantic bride and groom photos. We also had our videographer friend, Emma, along from Story of Your Day who was shooting some footage for a film she is making about us (to be launched very soon). Kay & Steve did admirably in front of so many cameras and were just their lovely, fun selves.


Everybody was now completely relaxed after the ceremony and making the most of Wood Hall’s beautiful gardens. There was a Swing band playing in the rose garden and plenty of people were up and dancing to some very cool tunes. We took the opportunity to capture some of this, as well as some of the details of the wedding breakfast room, before it was time for everyone to head in for dinner and speeches.


And then there was only one thing for it – back outside for a good sit-down to let dinner settle and enjoy the slightly cooler temperature – and of course time to throw the bouquet.  It was a while before everyone made their way back inside for Kay & Steve’s first dance – but it was worth waiting for such a lovely moment.

We left Kay, Steve and their guests boogying the Summer night away, capturing one last image of Wood Hall in the evening sunlight.

And finally here’s a link to the next day highlights video we put together for Kay & Steve to enjoy, set to their first track choice: Muse’s “Unintended“. Love and thanks to Kay & Steve for asking us to photograph their awesome wedding day!



Kay & Steve Highlights from Richard Wynn-Davies on Vimeo.

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