Childhood: Amélie & Callum, Castle Howard

29th November 2012
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I always come away from Childhood photo shoots seeing the world in a slightly different way. Sure, we have our own little boy and get to see on a daily basis his games, role plays and how he sees things. However to spend the day with two children who you have never met before and slowly get involved in their own world – and to capture it in photographs – is wonderful. As the children get used to me and the camera, and let go of Mummy and Daddy’s hands, they open up in a way that takes so much more work with couples for engagement and wedding photos. You join in the chit chat, pay the utmost respect to their cuddly toys (naturally) and of course take part in all the games. It’s exhausting work but so wonderfully rewarding.

Amélie and Callum are the perfect example of this. It was Amélie’s 2nd birthday (and the shoot was her birthday present). She’d been a little unwell in the morning (probably due to excitement) and it was a very cold November morning. Undeterred, she grabbed Callum by the hand, held her toy rabbit in the other, and off we went to Castle Howard. Hide and seek, racing through piles of leaves, singing many renditions of Happy Birthday to Amélie, climbing trees, spotting fish in the pond, clambering up steps and around fountains, squidging in wellies through the mud – we had an amazing time. Callum was an absolute star, watching out for his sister and striking some impressive poses! It was a fabulous day.

Thanks to Mum and Dad for making me feel so welcome and helping to get the kids on top form! I loved the day and I love the photos. Here are some of my favourites – including one from Dad of me giving Amélie a helping hand! Hope you enjoy them.

Richard x


Hide and Seek. Serious business!

“Fish”. One of Amélie’s favourite words it would seem!

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