Zack. Late Summer 2012.

8th October 2012
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August Bank Holiday weekend is always a busy one for weddings, so it was nice to take time out to photograph a seriously cute little boy. Meet Zack – and his lovely Mum and Dad, Matt and Lucy.

Zack is 1 and was understandably a little wary at the outset. So what better way to start than by heading out to the local farm to see the animals! Specifically, the hens who proved very popular. Then it was off to Lotherton Hall for some serious running about, a couple of changes of (very cool) clothes, and a lot of fun. By this time we were getting on like a house on fire and we had gone from me trying to keep up with him to him chasing me around the place. Trying to photograph behind you while running away takes some getting used to!

A seriously fun shoot, a fabulous little boy and such a lovely family. Here are a few of the highlights.








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