Sun, Sea…..& Southport: Sarah & Jonathan’s Engagement Shoot

28th May 2012
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How long since I’d been to Southport? It must be 25 years at least. When Sarah asked if we could do the engagement shoot in her home town I tried to remember what it was like when I went there with my Dad as a kid and all I could think of was the tide always being out and tramping across what seemed like miles of sand to get to the sea!

Sarah & Jon live and work in London. Jon is from Gibralter originally (we’d have been happy to the do the shoot there as well!) and Sarah from Southport. They met in London through their respective jobs and after a romantic proposal on holiday in Turkey they are getting married next August with their Reception at the Beatles inspired Hard Day’s Night hotel in Livepool – after an early morning traditional Chinese tea party!

Caroline and I arrived in Southport a few Sundays ago and had a brief walk around before meeting up with Sarah and Jon, and wow were we impressed. The gorgeous Spring sunshine helped and we were greeted with a huge elegant pier, old fashioned carousels and arcades, and beautifully painted benches & railings.

Sarah & Jon were huge fun and we had a really enjoyable few hours strolling along the pier, down by the seafront and through the town, and they needed no encouragement to jump on the carousel and then roll their sleeves up for some classic arcade games.

And guess what – the tide was in!

We can’t wait for their wedding next August, its going to be so much fun. Here are a few photos from our lovely day in sunny Southport – hope you like them!

Sunny greetings, R&C x








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