Leonnie & Mark’s Winter Wedding at Crathorne Hall

7th December 2011
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Seldom have I seen such a beautiful early Winter’s day. When I left home the fog was thick and all the way up the A1 things were looking bleak. However no sooner had I pulled up at the beautiful Crathorne Hall I saw one of those moments when the sun suddenly breaks through, the fog lifts like a tablecloth being whipped off a table, and Crathorne was bathed in beautiful sunshine and surrounded by dewy lawns. So the usual early morning shoot of the external venue and grounds was an absolute joy, made all the more enjoyable when Leonnie (our beautful bride) was spotted waving out of an upstairs window!

A stunning start to a stunning day. We met Leonnie and Mark last Autumn and did their engagement shoot in York almost a year ago to the day (see their engagement post here). Although they went to the same school they had nothing to do with each other until a number of years later when they bumped into each other on a night out (as you do!). We are told that after plenty of batting eyelids on both sides, Leonnie made the first move only to find Mark had lost the ability to speak….oops. Second time lucky? Maybe not, the first date found Mark battling the mother of all hangovers from the previous night’s celebrations – so it was an early night! Third time lucky? It would seem so.

The wedding day was lovely in every way, from the quiet excitement in the Crathorne suite where Leonnie and the bridal party were getting ready, to the slightly more raucous celebrations at Mark’s parents’ house (spot the destination of the champagne cork on the photo below!), and from the very moving ceremony which saw Mark battling with his emotions as Leonnie and Dad came down the aisle, to a fab party and top speeches. We left them both cutting a rug to a rather excellent band, stopping for a quick shot of the beautifully lit Hall before heading home. Here are some of the images from the day.

Thank you Leonnie and Mark for asking us to capture your very special day! xx

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