….And that was 2011.

29th December 2011
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In many ways 2011 was a pretty depressing year across the board – from the Japanese Tsunami, thousands of casualties in fighting across the middle East, the Summer riots, the global economic downturn and individual tragic and untimely deaths such as those of Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse and Gary Speed. When we reflect on times like these it makes us even more thankful for the work that we do. You see we have the honour of being closely involved in some of the happiest and joyous occasions of peoples’ lives – be it a wedding, the birth of a new baby or the simple pleasures of family life. We see love and tenderness every day and it really does restore our faith in the world.

For us personally 2011 has been an amazing year. Most importantly we have seen our little boy grow from a baby to an 18 month old toddler full of running and topsy turvy words. He is an absolute joy and we both feel so very lucky – if absolutely exhausted on a daily basis! On the work front we have yet again seen the most wonderful weddings and felt very involved in each one. It’s so important to us that a wedding isn’t “just another wedding” but a one-off event involving two people we have come to know and like very much – this makes so much difference to the photoghraphy we produce and makes each event really unique.

We’ve met and photographed lots of new couples across the country who are deeply in love, celebrating their engagement and are amidst the huge excitement of planning their wedding day. We’ve spent time with the most fabulous familes and adorable children and we’ve made some truly exceptional new friends – our own clients, some very talented business people, and of course hugely creative photographers. You have all made this year exceptional – you know who you are!

So here’s to 2012 – hopefully a more positive year for the world in general, an Olympic year for this country, and another year full of love, happiness and joy for our clients and friends. We look forward to spending it with you.

Here are just a few of many highlights from this year. We’ve tried to choose just a handful (or maybe two handfuls) of our favourites – not easy. Happy New Year!

Richard & Caroline xxx

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