Liz & Duncan, May 2011

24th May 2011
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I love this shoot. Kirkstall Abbey always provides a wonderfully romantic and atmospheric setting, and Liz and Duncan not only looked the part but were a joy to photograph. I picked a wonderful song by Amy Seeley to complement the images and I think the whole thing works beautifully. Beautiful people, beautiful music and a beautiful setting. Perfect!!

Liz and Duncan got engaged at Wood Hall on their first anniversary of getting together and are getting married at The Mansion in Roundhay Park next year (featuring the best staircase in Yorkshire!). I love hearing stories of how people meet and this is a great one – I’ll spare them the embarassement of sharing the exact details – let’s just say they both had friends who were going out together and an evening with friends, a lift home and the need for a visit to the loo all collided as these things do, and the rest is history.

Duncan is a keen runner – well, he’s a runner. Not sure how keen he actually is from talking to him! He’s just finished the Edinburgh marathon in 3 hours and impressively few minutes – and both he and Liz have registered for the London marathon next year. Now there’s a reason to get in shape for the wedding!

Anyway – here are the results of their romance shoot. I think you’ll agree that they are going to make a stunning bride and groom….

Wishing you all a lovely bank holiday weekend, Richard.

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